What I do:
I provide a professional, therapeutic massage customized to your needs at
your home, office or hotel room/suite applying  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Zen
Shiatsu, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Polarity, Reiki & other techniques to the
soothing sounds of healing music for the repair of your body, mind & spirit.

My specialty is the 2 hour massage, however, shorter / longer sessions &  
Aromatherapy are available upon request with advance notice. Please click on
the "Services & Fees" tab for prices and the "Contact Me" tab for the hours
of operation and to make an appointment.

I am Dr. Rv. Prof. Heather Mehudar, a board certified Massage Therapist,
Reiki Master, educator & author. I am an ordained minister & hold a Ph.D. in
Counseling for those clients who need additional assistance. Although I am not
available solely for counseling, I am able to address most emotional issues
arising during sessions for crisis treatment.

It should also be noted that I AM a devout Jew who practices and prays
Judaism mainly in the home and nature. I am mostly a minister of spiritual
purposes for my clients who are not Jewish, but still prefer my presence for
their transition into the next life.

I take this Mitzvah
(religious duty / good deed) and Tzedakah (charity) very
seriously. I am honored to fulfill my part of Tikkun Olam
(repair of the world)
especially because it is Chesed Shel Emet
(an act of loving kindness which
cannot be repaid by the recipient of the act)

All services provided are professional and NON-sexual in nature.  If you are
seeking a "happy ending" please look in the yellow pages under escort
services.  I live by the policies, standards of practice and code of ethics I teach
to my students.  
Any client who becomes sexual during a session will be
dumped off the table, the session will cease and I will leave.  Sessions ended
for inappropriate behavior are non-refundable . . . I don't care WHO you are.

Because therapist/patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance to my
clients as well as myself, no information regarding other clients will be
discussed, released or confirmed without a signed Authorization to Release
dated no more than 7 days prior to the request.  All requests must be
addressed directly to me.
   CA State License #: 70945
   NV State License #: 1964
   NCBTMB Certification #: 407091-00
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What does "Zen your Ohm Zone" mean?:
What is an ohm?

An "ohm" is a resistance in a conductor that produces a potential difference of
one volt when a current of one ampere is flowing through it .

The complex quantity impedance is a generalisation of resistance. Its real part
is resistance and its imaginary part is reactance. Impedance, resistance and
reactance all have units of ohms.

Ohm's acoustic law or simply Ohm's law states that a musical sound is
perceived by the ear as the sum of a number of pure harmonic tones. The law
was proposed by physicist Georg Ohm in 1843. It is not related to Ohm's more
famous electrical law, which is also called Ohm's law.
                                  Source: Wikipedia.com

What is Zen?

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that places great importance on
moment-by-moment awareness and 'seeing deeply into the nature of things' by
direct experience.

A Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive

To figure out something by meditation or by a sudden flash of enlightenment.
 Source: Wikipedia.com and Dictionary.com

In short, to "Zen your ohm zone" means to use harmonic tones
as a conduit to enlighten one's self of that which you resist . . .
releasing that which no longer serves you.

Dr. Rv. Prof. Mehudar
Hailed by locals, corporate executives, A-list celebrities, royalty
local executives and government officials as:

"Amazing!"                                      "OutSTANDing"

       "The best in the world!"



                              "The ultimate professional!"
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